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Feel Good Friday: The 13th

June 13, 2008

Joining up with Ginger, Coma, SQ, and the rest of the tubes for a feel-good Friday. Yes, I’m a hopeless trend-follower.

Bonus below the cut: the better Jason compilation video, with Ron’s Drive-In Totals.


Tell me you didn’t just say that…

October 23, 2007

She did not go there. If she had a penis, she’d be a dead man.

[23:49]Mars, on Dracula 2000: This is like… Army of Darkness. With a better budget.
[23:50] Ron: Dude
[23:50] Ron: you crossed a fucking line
[23:50] Mars: Nahhhh.
[23:50] Ron: me and you are breaking up
[23:50] Ron: it’s over
[23:50] Mars: LOL
[23:50] Ron: No more sex
[23:50] Mars: LOL
[23:50] Ron: except when you want some sex, then we can negotiate
[23:50] Mars: ::Dead::
[23:51] Ron: Don’t you EVER compare Dracula 2000 to Army of Darkness
[23:51] Ron: I’ve killed motherfuckers in prison for less than that.
[23:51] Ron: I will dance with you inside a six-sided ring of fire
[23:51] Mars: ::dying::
[23:51] Ron: I will tear your head off and spike it onto the floors of a nightmare you can’t possibly imagine!
[23:51] Mars: ::cant…breathe::
[23:52] Ron: I gotta blog this shit
[23:52] Mars: You do!

Even though we’ve never had sex, my threat still stands.