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A Reaper Review Eulogy

April 24, 2008

It’s strange. Sometimes I’ll send stuff off to Den of Geek for publication, and then when it finally gets published, I won’t actually notice it’s been done. That’s why I may have a piece published on the 22nd, but I’ll only get around to shamelessly whoring the link on the 24th. Such is the case with my article about why I gave up on Reaper.

The show had a great pilot, and I gave it the old college try for another couple of episodes after the pilot, thinking the kinks would work themselves out. Then the wheels came off and not even the brilliant Sam Wise or my dedication to the Den of Geek project was enough to make me finish out the whole season. Of course, I’ve fallen behind on my Terminator reviews, too, but that’s just because I’m incredibly lazy, not because the show is bad.

In Reaper’s case, the show got bad in a hurry.

TV Party 2-Nite.

October 10, 2007

TV Party tonight! TV Party tonight!

The Office 4:02 – “Dunder Mifflin Infinity”

Reaper 1:02 – “Charged”

Look for me, when I get caught up with my work, to add The Bionic Woman to my list of shows I’m reviewing over at Den of Geek. You guys should head on over and leave some comments. That way I can feel like someone actually reads my posts over there.

TV Funhouse: Season/Series Premier Edition

October 2, 2007

And just what is all this? Why, series premiers, of course! Two things to chew on for you folks today, courtesy of Den of Geek and your old pal Ron.

The Office 4:01 – “Fun Run”

Reaper 1:01 – “Pilot”

Is “Reaper” worth watching? Is “The Office” still the best comedy on television? Will Ron ever write an original blog posting again, or will he just continually link to stuff he does elsewhere with little faux write-ups designed to make you think this is a fresh post, when it’s really just shameless self-promotion? What’s the deal with the third person?

Find out all this and more by clicking on yonder links!