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Fear Itself 1.04 – The Forbidden Review Too Hot For DoG!

June 27, 2008

Here’s the official Fear Itself review for Den of Geek. Well, actually, it’s an explanation of why there is no review of this week’s Fear Itself at DoG, not a review itself. My original review, which you’ll find below, was a bit too… virulent, I suppose, for publication. I don’t blame them for not really itching to put it out there, as not only is it a little too controversial for what they’re trying to accomplish, it’s also completely disorganized.

That said, controversial and disorganized sounds like a blog entry anyway, so I figure I’d throw my 15 readers a treat. Instead of promotion something I wrote for Den of Geek here, I’ll give you something I wrote for Den of Geek that they thought best not to use. I don’t blame them; they have enough trolls over there without me adding to it by bringing up pedophilia and child abuse. I had my doubts as I was writing it as to whether or not it would end up publishable, and I figure they made the right call.

Disclaimer: It goes without saying that the views expressed below are my own (and those of the state of California). They don’t reflect back on anywhere I write at, nor do they reflect the views of any organization, past, present, or future, that may employ me and blah blah blah, covering my ass. Furthermore, nobody do anything fucking stupid and blame me for it. Further furthermore, don’t fuck little kids and tape it.


The Incredible Hulk makes me want to cry green tears

June 17, 2008

I’ll link you to the whole box office report, but for those interested in my take on the travesty that was The Incredible Hulk, I’ll paste the cromulent part below. Feel free to click on through to Den of Geek, though. There’s lots of other good stuff there to keep you edutained.

The Incredible Hulk rode a wave of mostly positive press (aside from DoG’s own Sarah), but most of that praise was apparently undeserved marking out for Tony Stark, because The Incredible Hulk was an Incredible Disappointment. Abysmal CGI, William Hurt’s distractingly bad mustache and hairpiece, bland acting (aside from Tim Blake Nelson, whose first appearance is shocking because he’s the first actor in the film with a little bit of energy), bad casting (Liv Tyler, really? Professor Arwen?), and more aimless running around than a track meet makes for a pretty lousy movie.

I’m not sure how this film is getting such passionate responses from the Marvel fan base, except for the fact it’s Ed Norton and not some Australian guy. Maybe I expected too much from the guy who wrote Elektra, I don’t know. After watching the film I felt as though my hopes and dreams had been crushed by a giant green CGI foot. If it’s okay for the Hulk to have facial expressions, it’s probably okay for Bruce Banner to act like he’s awake. It’s not Fight Club 2.

It goes without saying that I was, am, and continue to be very disappointed in that movie.

seduced by a hobbit

May 7, 2008

As you might or might not know, World of Warcraft and I have been in an on-again, off-again relationship for quite some time. I’ll admit, I haven’t always been faithful. I’ve had flings with old girlfriends (Fallout), I’ve got a lady on the side as a casual thing (Guild Wars), and occasionally I’ve been known to go out and shake it at the club with some hoochies (the Wii), but I always come back to my old faithful WoW. Well, not exactly faithful, since there are 10 million other people pwning her on a daily basis, but she always put out for me, and that’s all I ask.

I strayed again recently. It was a tawdry 9 ½ WeeksDays I spent exploring every sticky, tight crevasse of Lord of the Rings Online, but it wasn’t love. Not like it is with WoW. She’s not as pretty as LotRO, but she’s a lot more fulfilling, has more content, and lets you thoroughly explore her end-game content unlike the one-trick pony that is LotRO. Like that gay cowboy movie said, “I wish I knew how to quit WoW.”

A Reaper Review Eulogy

April 24, 2008

It’s strange. Sometimes I’ll send stuff off to Den of Geek for publication, and then when it finally gets published, I won’t actually notice it’s been done. That’s why I may have a piece published on the 22nd, but I’ll only get around to shamelessly whoring the link on the 24th. Such is the case with my article about why I gave up on Reaper.

The show had a great pilot, and I gave it the old college try for another couple of episodes after the pilot, thinking the kinks would work themselves out. Then the wheels came off and not even the brilliant Sam Wise or my dedication to the Den of Geek project was enough to make me finish out the whole season. Of course, I’ve fallen behind on my Terminator reviews, too, but that’s just because I’m incredibly lazy, not because the show is bad.

In Reaper’s case, the show got bad in a hurry.

Riff Randal, rock ‘n’ roller!

January 4, 2008

I’ve been looking for an excuse to delve into the works of famed auteur Roger Corman, and thanks to The Crawling Ear’s take on my favorite musical of all time (that includes The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hedwig and the Angry Inch), I finally have an excuse to delve deeply into the remastered Rock On Edition of the only film starring the Ramones and that girl from Halloween, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School.

When Roger Corman sold the rights to his New World Pictures releases to Buena Vista, I figured there’d be some bargain-basement releases forced out without much actual thought put into it. Color me surprised when this special edition of a classic Roger Corman movie gets released with a decent amount of special features.

Read the full DVD review here, fellow students of Vince Lombardi High.

TV Party 2-Nite.

October 10, 2007

TV Party tonight! TV Party tonight!

The Office 4:02 – “Dunder Mifflin Infinity”

Reaper 1:02 – “Charged”

Look for me, when I get caught up with my work, to add The Bionic Woman to my list of shows I’m reviewing over at Den of Geek. You guys should head on over and leave some comments. That way I can feel like someone actually reads my posts over there.

TV Funhouse: Season/Series Premier Edition

October 2, 2007

And just what is all this? Why, series premiers, of course! Two things to chew on for you folks today, courtesy of Den of Geek and your old pal Ron.

The Office 4:01 – “Fun Run”

Reaper 1:01 – “Pilot”

Is “Reaper” worth watching? Is “The Office” still the best comedy on television? Will Ron ever write an original blog posting again, or will he just continually link to stuff he does elsewhere with little faux write-ups designed to make you think this is a fresh post, when it’s really just shameless self-promotion? What’s the deal with the third person?

Find out all this and more by clicking on yonder links!