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I Can’t Not Blog

February 8, 2008

Well, what do you get the guy who already blogs pretty much all over the Internet? Why, the one thing he needs more than anything else: another place to blog!

Because I wasn’t busy enough with the blog you read here, Den of Geek, Shaktronics, Sports Bastards, World of Warcraft, my heroin addiction, and my day job, I’ve found something else to keep me busy. Thanks in no small part to the groovy and sexy NewsComa, I find myself with a spicy new posting gig over at the awesome new website Popular Fidelity, hereafter known as PopFi, but not known as PopEye. I’ve been subscribed to it since it launched (even before I got enveloped by the Internet Octopus), so you know it’s the cream of the Internet crop in terms of cool goodies to ogle.

Check out my first PopFi post, about the world’s coolest 3-D touch-responsive video-game cube, here. I’m going to be the tech specialist over there (though I’m sure I’ll get my claws in other topics). Let me know what you guys think.

Your feedback is better than any paycheck is very important to me.