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Step Brothers (2008) Review

July 29, 2008

Will Ferrell is back, and he’s teaming with Anchorman director Adam McKay and scene-stealing legitimate actor turned professional dufus John C. Reilly in the new lowbrow comedy Step Brothers! You see, it’s funny because they’re both middle aged and they still live with their parents! Hahaha, they’re losers! There’s farting and grown men in their underwear and emotionally-stunted man-children screaming, preening, and chewing the scenary! Ahahaa, it’s mad l0lz, yo!

Or is it? Am I being sarcastic? Yes. Either way, to see just how this movie went wrong, and what the one good thing about it was aside from an uncharacteristic divergence from the normal plot progression of these sorts of movies, click here for lots of Den of Geek goodness and a review from me. And to think, I loved Anchorman in spite of its flaws.

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Will Ferrell is just about over

March 4, 2008

I hate to be the one to break it to everyone, but Will Ferrell is not a star. Not in the sense that a star is someone who can hoist an otherwise mediocre movie on his back and carry it to greatness, that is. That’s why Semi-Pro looked like a bunch of crap on the previews, why I think the Will Ferrell magic does not exist, and why I think his days as Afro’d Jim Carrey are over before they ever even started.

I mean, I think Old School is a great movie, and he’s very much the reason for it, but when he’s by himself? Meh, I’m not interested. His posturing and screeching overreactions are played out, and like Jack Black, he doesn’t have any other real options when he’s asked to carry a movie other than be a buffoon. Hell, he’s even been upstaged by an abusive, hard-drinking baby!

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