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Happy Nude Year (now go click some links)

December 31, 2007

So, my dear cousin poisonous plant is giving away a Shrek 3 DVD over at Home Ec 101, so go here and leave them a link or a comment telling how you’d keep your kids busy for the 10 minutes necessary to go to have that early morning bowel movement in relative peace.

As for me, I’d sit my kids in front of the TV as often as possible until they learn to read, then hopefully I’d sit them in front of the TV with a book positioned somewhere nearby so that when they get bored of Dead & Buried (though how could you, given how awesome the DVD is, so click on that link and read my review of Jack Albertson’s last role), they’ll be forced to read some high fantasy novel like Scions of Shannara or Magic Kingdom for Sale–SOLD!

For those of you who won’t see this until later, enjoy some death metal and a fireworks display from our friends at World of Warcraft (well, WoW did the fireworks, the video maker added the heavy metal).