Barack Obama and George Bush

I told Ginger the other day that Barack Obama and George W. Bush look alike. She scoffed at me. But I’ll have the last scoff today!



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2 Responses to “Barack Obama and George Bush”

  1. dennymajor Says:

    Just get the one of Lieberman whispering in McCain’s ear when he was WRONG about which country was training Al Qaeda or what not and we got a trio . . . *shakes head* . . . Yeah, foreign policy experience. Suuuuure. He’s been wrong about practically everything (troop levels, which country is training what, the groups that are FIGHTING in the war, etc.)

  2. Ron Says:

    This is why I don’t vote. Well, actually, I don’t vote because I’m a convicted felon.

    Author’s Note: I’m actually not a convicted felon.

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